Stop Your Suffering, NOW!
Reclaiming Your Joy is Possible, Let Me Show You How!
Reclaiming Your Joy: 6-Week Online Course
The Science of Happiness
the next classes will begin Spring of 2018 and run for six weeks
We will host an Online Open House the week prior to beginning of the course.
Reclaiming Your Joy is an experiential workshop for reclaiming your dynamic courage and compassion that leads to health, happiness and prosperity.
This live online course is taught by Blair Lewis, the founder of Alive and Healthy.

Reclaiming Your Joy unleashes greater health, happiness, connection and prosperity in your life. It is your opportunity to gain greater understanding and mastery over the key aspects of life that limit your access to joy and success.
Study with Happiness Expert, Author and Mentor – Blair Lewis

If fear and doubt, hate and shame,
anxiety and alienation live in your head
or in your home,
then this course is for you!

Your problem is that your mind has an irresistible habit of embracing and believing its own convictions as if they are real.
They are not real!
How many times has your mind…
… lied to you?
… frightened you?
… misled you?
The mind is unwilling to see and know anything other than what it believes and what our own habits have trained it to see and know.
This causes unending suffering and disappointment.
It is only the stories and distorted memories in your mind that destroy your…
… self-confidence
… trust in others
… restful nights’ sleep
… willingness to step-up and do the right thing… especially when it's out of your comfort zone.
This is solvable.
We will solve this together!
If you feed your brain the nutrients it needs, give your mind the guidance that it needs, use your breath and body to defeat the habits ruining your life… then, you can live a life of your design.
You run the table.
You become the architect of your life. You decide your destiny.
Join this live online life-changing six-week program
Written, designed and taught by mentor, author and happiness expert Blair Lewis. It is a live class.
You will get:
• live coaching with Blair Lewis
• small group live online discussions
• three personal one-on-one mentoring sessions
• power-packed audios and videos, with emailed reminders to keep you on-track every weekday
• home based experiments and exercises
• supportive materials and handouts
Reclaiming Joy – The Science of Happiness
Designed and Taught by Blair Lewis
This is your invitation to participate in a live 6-week pilot course. Enrollment is limited due to the massive amount of your personalized interactions with Blair during this pilot. Content will be adapted to the needs of the students as the course progresses.

During this online course, you will directly interact with Blair, challenging your own limiting beliefs, sharing your questions and confusions, and most importantly, leaping paradigms forward into unbreakable, unavoidable happiness and courage. It’s possible!
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Here is a sample of the weekly activities in the full 6-week pilot program:
• Monday through Friday wake-up to the inspired topic and technique of the day. Each day you will be emailed power packed videos with cutting edge insights and life enhancing protocols.

• Anticipate random surprise supplement videos from Blair. They are created on the fly to deepen your understanding of the topic of the week.

• Once a week you will join Blair and your fellow classmates in a one-hour live online class (via to discuss the topic of the week. Classes will be recorded and archived for you to re-view. If you miss a live class, it will be waiting for you online to view at your leisure.

• Your questions will get answered. You can join Blair for his ‘live Q&A’ every week or email him your questions. He will respond to your emails and questions live, then an audio of the study halls will be posted online for your review.

• You will meet with Blair for a private mentoring session three times during this course. Danielle will contact you to help schedule your appointments.
Lots of hurt and hate are happening in our world right now,
however it is not time to be upset.  It’s time to see what needs to be done.
I hope that Reclaiming Your Joy will give you clarity and courage
to improve the lives of all by beginning with You.
-- Blair Lewis

There are 8 Modules taught during the 6 week program, they include:
Module 1 The Brain, the Mind and You
Module 2 Befriending the Mind
Module 3 Food for Thoughts
Module 4 The Motion of Emotion
Module 5 Time Management
Module 6 Secrets of Sleep Mastery
Module 7 Pondering and People
Module 8 Reclaiming Joy
In 6 weeks or less, you can have:
more enthusiasm
no guilt, no shame
greater courage

more playfulness
no fear, no doubt
fantastic sleep

more creativity and insights
no anger, no rage
happier relationships
What is the value of a life-changing experience?
Online courses are powerful and personal.
Online courses are personalized to the participants.
Your needs and interest as a group and as individuals will influence course content.
New materials can be instantly created to provide you with an optimal curriculum for personal growth.
Every week, you will have:
• Live classes with Blair
• Live Q&A sessions with Blair
• Audio Visual Materials
• Over 70 videos and/or audios have been created for you
• Some of the videos will be created during the course to respond directly to the needs of the students
• Daily emails with inspirations, instructions, and next-steps
The value of these 6 weeks is beyond measure:
Blair is clearing his schedule for you. During these 6 weeks, he will be very available to you.

Blair brings to you his 40 years of mentoring experience, his expertise in meditation and contemplation, his mastery of Ayurveda and the yogic sciences and most importantly, his huge compassionate heart.

Blair’s mentoring sessions range for $125 to $300 each.
No other course offers as much “live-time” with the instructor and creator of the course.

The goal of Reclaiming Your Joy is a significantly happier, healthier life.  Especially in the realms of self-esteem, quality of sleep and quality of relationships with yourself and those you love and work with.
Outside critics and reviewers have placed a value on this course of $2100.
No travel • No hotel room expenses • No hours of missed work •  No Fuss
Classes begin Spring 2018 !
Here are previews of your course:
PREVIEW of Module 1, Lesson 1: The Brain, The Mind & You
PREVIEW of Module 1, Lesson 4: The Body/Mind Complex
PREVIEW of Module 2, Lesson 1: Anatomy of Sleep
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